Welcome to Rewire's Ambassadors Program!

We believe that our clients are our best ambassadors. This program was created to establish a channel of communication between Rewire’s team to its most active users. 

For those users, we also offer unique referral programs that incentivize them to share their experiences with their friends. By joining the Rewire community, friends of Ambassadors can also save time and money. 

Invite your friends, help them save and get special benefits for each friend who starts sending money using Rewire!

You can get over 7000 NIS in benefits a year by being a Rewire Ambassador!

How does it work?

Not everyone can participate in the Ambassadors Program. This program is exclusively for users who get a call from our representatives. It’s important for your friends to only to use the link provided as this is our only way to track who you have referred to Rewire.

Share the program link with your friends whom you believe will find Rewire useful. Remember, each friend you bring receives two orders on a 50% discount of fees when signing up using your link. This discount is exclusive to customers who signed up through this program. 

Only new customers that have started to send money with Rewire will award you with your full benefits.

Check with your friends to see if they are getting along using Rewire. We have created this guide exactly for this purpose – send it to your friends and make their life easier.

Send this guide to your friends to help them get started: 



That’s it, you’re all set!

From today you get special monthly benefits for each friend who successfully starts sending with Rewire using your link:

You get 24 NIS for each friend who signs up and sends with Rewire for the first-time.

Additionally, for every month a friend you invited sends money with Rewire for the entire year, you get an additional 4 NIS!

After 10 customers have signed up you get a free transfer!

Bottom line, if you bring 100 customers, you can get over 7,200 NIS by being a Rewire ambassador.

The more friends you help send money home, the more you will get!

For invited friends who already signed up but didn’t send money yet the Rewire representative will put them under your provided invitation code.