All the details you need to know about your Rewire Account.

Where to Deposit my Money to my Rewire Account

When you are ready to deposit your money into your Rewire account to send home you have 2 options of places: Any Postal Office (Doar) and Super-Pharm branches.  Super-Pharm You can deposit at select Super-Pharm branches click here to see the complete list. Click here to see an interactive map to find your closest branch. For a guide on how to send money […]

How long does it take to process my documents?

[geot country=”Israel”] It takes 1 business day to process your documents. [/geot] [geot exclude_country=”Israel”] It takes 1-2 business days to process your documents. [/geot]

Why do you need documents?

[geot country=”Israel”] Rewire is a licensed money transfer company regulated by Israel’s Ministry of Finance. As such, we are required to verify your identity before we can make any transfers on your behalf. This can be done by uploading documents like a photo of your passport or official ID card and take a selfie when […]

Where can I send my money to?

Currently, the countries we are serving are India, Philippines, Nigeria, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kenya, Ghana and China. 

How do I upload my ID?

You can upload an ID once you have added your address. You need to click on Take Photo & take a picture of the first page of your passport. If you face issues to upload, you can email Rewire support at [email protected].    

How do I change my phone number?

To change your phone number, you need to contact Rewire, provide us with your passport picture and both new and old phone numbers to update the system. You can then log in with your new number & regular password which you had used earlier.

How do I edit/change beneficiary details?

You can edit beneficiary details by contacting Rewire support. For Cash Pick-ups, Rewire can update within few minutes. For Banks, we can edit or cancel the order & you can make a new order. We cannot update completed order details unless we receive a refund.  

Can I transfer money to my friend’s Rewire account?

[geot country=”Israel”] Yes, you can transfer money to your friend’s account. The person who deposits money needs to have a Rewire account where the amount will be credited and can be transferred as per Rewire regulations. You will need to contact us for more details. [/geot] [geot exclude_country=”Israel”] If you have a Rewire account with a […]

Can my employer deposit money to my Rewire account?

[geot country=”Israel”] Yes, your employer can deposit money into your Rewire account. He needs to provide us with his ID (Passport/Israeli Toda Zehut), and a letter from you confirming that he is your employer. [/geot] [geot exclude_country=”Israel”] Yes, your employer can deposit in your Rewire IBAN account. [/geot]

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