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Are you new to Rewire and wondering how the process works? Let these questions guide you.

How To Make A Wire Transfer Directly From Your Postal (Doar) Account

Making a wire transfer to your Rewire account gives you the freedom to deposit to your account from anywhere. There is also the additional benefit of getting a discount, as compared to a cash deposit. To make a wire transfer from your Postal (Doar) Account, ensure that you have signed up for a Rewire account. If […]

Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees we believe in full transparency. We charge a low 1% fee. You will see that fee when you sign in to your account, and click to send money and enter the amount. For more information about our rates and fees click here. 

What do you do with my Information?

We store your information safely and securely, as it needs to be recorded in compliance with our legal regulators. Your data is not passed on to third parties unless it is vital to your use of Rewire (for example passing on information to our partner bank in order to complete a transfer), or as required […]

Why Do I Need Proof of Identity?

The collection and processing of users’ identity documents is required for the following purposes:To ensure the security of our service and prevent fraud.To recover a hijacked account and be able to ensure ownership of our users’ accounts. Enforce Rewire’s Terms of Service, prevent clones, and ensure users are above 18 years of age; as well as […]

How Can I Get Help with Opening my Account?

If you require further assistance with opening your account, you can contact our support team: Tel: (+972)-07767-07767 Tel: (+972)-58-450-0405 (Whatsapp & Viber) Email: You may also speak to us using our live chat feature on our Rewire app or website or through Facebook Messenger as well. Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 08:00-19:00 Friday: 08:00-13:00 […]

Setting Up a Rewire Account in Israel

This is a step-by-step guide to signing up to Rewire and setting up your account. Opening an account with Rewire will give you the option to send money home with the best rates in a fast and secure way. Get Started Register In order to set up your Rewire Account click on the Get Started […]

How to make a cash deposit to your Rewire account

Don’t have an Israeli bank account, but you want to send money home? Or you are having difficulty trying to understand how you can make a cash deposit to your Rewire account? Look no further, let these 9 simple steps guide you through the process. You can make a cash deposit to Rewire from any […]

How to get a free Mastercard

A debit card in Europe is useful for expats, given that most places do not accept credit cards. One way in which you can get a free MasterCard is from Rewire. There are no charges to use the MasterCard for both online and offline transactions. Keep in mind that withdrawing money from an ATM has […]

How to open an IBAN account

Do you want to get a free IBAN account? This is a 5 step guide to receiving an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) in Europe. This account is very useful in making international transactions. Opening an account with Rewire will give you a free IBAN and also allow you to make free online and offline […]

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