All you need to know about Rewire licences.

What are the Exchange Rates and Transfer Fees?

[geot country=”Israel”] Login to the app and use the “Send Money” calculator there, to see the most current rates.  The first transfer is free after that transfer fees are 1% of the transaction amount. For example – for 1000₪ you would pay 10₪ for charges & for 5000₪ you would pay 50₪.

How long can I keep the balance in my account for?

[geot country=”Israel”] We hold balances for 3 business days, it is mandatory to send money once you deposit. Since we don’t work as a bank, we do not allow you to hold your balance for saving purposes or rate fluctuations. [/geot] [geot exclude_country=”Israel”] You can hold money as long as you wish. You can use […]

Is it safe?

[geot country=”Israel”] Rewire is licensed by the Ministry of Finance in Israel.  All our activities are recorded and monitored by the local financial institutions. [/geot] [geot exclude_country=”Israel”] Rewire has acquired all financial licenses necessary to operate in Europe. All our activities are recorded and monitored by financial institutions in the EU. [/geot]  

Who can open a Rewire account?

[geot country=”Israel”] Any person who wants to send money to India, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria. Kenya, Ghana with a valid ID can open a Rewire account.  [/geot] [geot exclude_country=”Israel”] Any person who wants to open an all-in-one account with free MasterCard and transfer services to India, Nigeria, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ghana and […]

What is Rewire and what makes it unique?

[geot country=”Israel”] Rewire is a money remittance service that focuses on foreigners who work hard to earn their living & send money back home. This process comes with high fees and has long transfer times. However, Rewire is unique because it makes this process seamless. We have lower fees and we transfer money quickly. We […]

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