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How To Make A Wire Transfer Directly From Your Postal (Doar) Account

Making a wire transfer to your Rewire account gives you the freedom to deposit to your account from anywhere. There is also the additional benefit of getting a discount, as compared to a cash deposit. To make a wire transfer from your Postal (Doar) Account, ensure that you have signed up for a Rewire account. If […]

Where to Deposit my Money to my Rewire Account

When you are ready to deposit your money into your Rewire account to send home you have 3 options of places: Any Postal Office (Doar), most GMT shops and select Super-Pharm branches. DOAR (POSTAL OFFICE) You can deposit at any Doar location, Click here to find your nearest branch. You need to give the teller these account […]

GMT Deposit Locations

Below you can find your nearest GMT branch that allows you to deposit to your Rewire account. City Branch Address Afula 16 Harav Levin st Afula 1 Jerusalem st Azur Ha’alia Hashnia 43 Acco Derech HaArba’a 22/1 Arad HaKanaim 27 Ashkelon Hertzel 36 Ashkelon 4, Hanasi st Ashdod HaAtzmaut 93 Ashdod City Mall, Tachana Merkazit […]

Super-Pharm Deposit Locations

Below you can find your nearest Super-Pharm branch that allows you to deposit to your Rewire account. It’s simple and you can undertake your financial errands during your shopping time.  Afula: Big Afula Mall – 13 Hashuk St.  Akko: 67 Ben Ami St.  Ashdod: 5 Hagdud Haivri St. Ashkelon: Giron Center –  21 Ben Gurion St. Bat […]

How can I deposit at The Postal Office (Doar) to my Rewire account?

Depositing to Rewire is now available through any Postal Office branch. Now Rewire’s customers can enjoy a wide spread of deposit points across Israel with GMT, Postal Office and Super-Pharm deposit points. How to deposit to Rewire account from the Postal Office? 1. Open an order in your Rewire app 2. Choose “Postal Office” as […]

How to can I deposit Money at Super-Pharm to my Rewire Account?

Trying to understand how to make a Super-Pharm cash deposit? Look no further, let these 9 simple steps guide you through the process. To find your nearest Super-Pharm participating branch click here. Do keep in mind that you also have the option of making a Wire Transfer. You will get a refund, and will also be […]

How to make a cash deposit to your Rewire account

Don’t have an Israeli bank account, but you want to send money home? Or you are having difficulty trying to understand how you can make a cash deposit to your Rewire account? Look no further, let these 9 simple steps guide you through the process. You can make a cash deposit to Rewire from any […]

How long does it take for the money transfer to arrive?

The time to transfer from your Rewire account to your beneficiary depends on the country you transfer to and the mode of transfer as below: For Philippines Cash-pickup – ML and Cebuana takes a few minutes, and Palawan & LBC one day. Bank transfer – BDO transfers for higher amounts can be done within minutes. […]

How do I cancel my order?

If you have not made the payment: Click on the order you wish to cancel under the Open Orders tab on the home page. Select Cancel Order. If you have made the payment: Since the order is processing or completed, we cannot cancel the order.  

Why is my order invalid?

There can be several reasons for an invalid order, it can be due to incorrect beneficiary’s account number, wrong beneficiary’s name mentioned on the account, or the beneficiary’s account is closed. You are required to provide the updated bankbook/passbook of the beneficiary to our support team for verification purposes.

Why is my order still processing?

We send the money immediately once we receive your payment. It takes 1 business day to complete the transaction. Sometimes delays would occur due to slow processing from the receiving bank. Learn about how long it takes to transfer money from your Rewire account to beneficiary here.  

How do I change the recipient?

You cannot change the recipient yourself since your transaction is immediately processed. You should contact us and we will change it.    

Can I create multiple orders in one day?

Yes, you can create more than one order in a day. You can click on the Send money tab again & create multiple orders. There is a limit of 15 orders in a month.  

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